CraftAR is now for Android


We know you’ve been waiting for this and now the time has arrived. The Catchoom Team has worked long and hard, late nights and lots of coffee, to bring the Augmented Reality functionality of CraftAR to our SDK for Android. Augmented … Continue reading

Augmented Reality Demo with Google Glass


The potential locked inside Google Glass is just begging to be unleashed. And it’s developers who are harnessing the power of Augmented Reality and Image Recognition to see it through. With this, we present to you an example of Augmented … Continue reading

MWC 2014: #4YFN

4yfn logo

Where will we be Four Years From Now? That’s exactly what 4YFN aims to answer. While there are plenty of reports making predictions about 2018, we definitely have some ideas of our own. In the not so far future, Augmented … Continue reading

What Makes CraftAR Different


The Augmented Reality market is surely becoming one with as many options as any other tech market. Many folks do their research before choosing a company, but we’re not shy to show what makes our flagship product, CraftAR, shine above … Continue reading