Ready, Set, Shop With Catchoom And Glass (video)


With all the recent news around Glass, AndroidWear and today’s news from Microsoft revealing its plans for augmented reality and glasses, we thought it was a good time too look at our work with Glass and image recognition and shopping. Coming soon to your kitchen!

Where The Brains Go


International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) is coming up in September. Okay, you’re’ probably saying to yourself, “it’s still summer, I have oceans to swim in and beaches to play on, why should I care?” Well, three reasons. … Continue reading

Winner, Winner at Mobile Asia Expo 2014!

GSMA MAE 2014 banner

We weren’t able to physically make it to Mobile Asia Expo earlier this month, but that doesn’t mean our presence wasn’t felt. This year, we launched our Expo Quest App, the official event app sponsored by China Mobile (powered by … Continue reading

Fresh from the oven: Catchoom Android SDK v2.2


Catchoom’s team continues its devotion to make mobile developers life easier and help you grow your business in Augmented Reality. Since we launched the Android SDK for Augmented Reality, we’ve received lots of feedback. The challenge of supporting many devices … Continue reading

After The Augmented World Expo

awe three

This year AWE was more. More what? It was more everything. More expo space, more talks, more corporations present. The event is truly maturing and we’re excited to be taking part in the maturation of not only AWE but also … Continue reading