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We use a particular terminology throughout our documentation, APIs and SDKs.


We provide two APIs to connect to the CraftAR service in the cloud.

The Management API allows you to upload content in a batch or connect your backend service directly and inject new content or update existing one when you need to.

The Image Recognition API provides access to our recognition capabilities so you can build your own client software.

We provide PHP and Python libraries for both APIs. All our mobile SDKs implement the Image Recognition API.

SDKs & Libraries

We provide two SDKs to connect your branded mobile application with the CraftAR service in the cloud.

The Image Recognition SDK is a lightweight version of the Augmented Reality SDK that allows to add Image Recognition capabilities to your app. It also allows you to provide a fallback of your app for Android devices that are not supported by the Augmented Reality SDK which demands more advanced device capabilities.

The Augmented Reality SDK adds rendering and tracking capabilities that provide full-blown augmented experiences inside your app. Both SDKs are designed to integrate easily into your current app.

Image Recognition SDK & Libraries
Augmented reality SDK
On Device IR SDK