CraftAR: The Ultimate AR Toolbox

CraftAR makes it easy to create amazing interactive experiences through
Augmented Reality and Image Recognition

Augmented Reality Content Creation

Augmented Reality Creator

Create your experience in any browser in just a few clicks

With our content creation tool, what you craft is what your users get in your app. You can drag & drop buttons, videos and 3D models into the Augmented Reality scene with no developer skills.
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Cloud Image Recognition

Cloud Image Recognition

Scan and recognize thousands of objects instantly

Our technology performs well in dark environments, on shiny objects, indoors and outdoors. Benchmarked by an independent party, we provide 20% better recognition rates than our competitors.
What can Image Recognition do for you?

Augmented Reality Media Storage

Media Library

Upload videos and 3D models to our cloud

Your AR scenes will have content that needs cloud storage and distribution. We allow you to upload this digital assets from your hard drive and seamlessly deliver them to your app when the corresponding object is scanned.

Augmented Reality and Image Recognition Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

Connect your own apps with our native SDKs and plugins

Available for iOS, Android and wearables like Google Glass. Our native SDKs and PhoneGap plugin make the integration into your own app a matter of minutes.
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Augmented Reality and Image Recognition Analytics


Track and optimize the performance of your content

Review the number of scans, the content that is most recognized and adapt accordingly to maximize your results.
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Augmented Reality and Image Recognition API


Connect your backend directly to our server

With our RESTful APIs your backend service can directly inject new content or update existing one. We also provide access to our recognition capabilities so you can build your own client software.
Read the docs about our APIs