A Step-by-Step Guide to Augmented Reality for Retailers

guide augmented reality

Brands and retailers find it increasingly hard to follow their potential customers through their decision-making journey, as it expands way beyond the stores and into people’s lives. Every moment the brand is in contact with a consumer – every touchpoint – counts, and it might be critical to the purchase decision.

Technologies such as Augmented Reality and Image Recognition can enhance the customer experience and optimize the decision-making journeys, by leveraging on emotional engagement and customer education. In fact, 90% of the brands and retailers plan to use AR in their campaigns.

This guide will show you how to implement this tech in each different step of the customer journey to create meaningful touchpoints that generate an emotional connection and reinforce the value of customer relationships with every interaction.

guide augmented reality


Why is it important to talk about touchpoints?

Every customer journey is a collection of touchpoints and, as the consumer moves through this complex cycle, each interaction with the brand can determine the end result of the process.

The journey will vary depending on the type of purchase. Whether the whole decision is made within the space of an hour at a shopping mall, or it’s a big investment that requires weeks of online browsing, it is important to make sure every interaction counts.

In order to take full advantage of these interactions, both retailers and brands must:

  • Anticipate when the customer is going to come in contact with the brand and be ready when it occurs.
  • Be useful to the consumer and provide them with all the information or help they need.
  • Act quickly, or the customer will go elsewhere if they are not satisfied instantly

guide augmented reality


Adding Value with Augmented Reality: A Guide for Retailers

Technology is changing the relationships between shoppers and retailers thanks to the omnipresence of mobile devices, which makes interactive experiences, such as Augmented Reality, universal and highly scalable.

Companies should pay attention to all the touchpoints and adopt new technologies that can help them connect with potential customers at the right moment, in order to:

  • Know what consumers want and be the first to offer it to them, even before they have materialized the need.
  • Increase the relevance of the brand by making the shopping experience better, easier and faster.

Image Recognition and Augmented Reality apps can allow consumers to:

  • Engage with products directly at the shelf
  • Make informed decisions
  • Receive targeted offers and discounts.

They can be really useful to brands and retailers and enhance the whole customer experience in many ways. Nowadays, 70% of consumers believe AR can bring them benefits. And this trend is going steadily up, as AR users are expected to reach 1 billion by 2020.

Download our guide to see how to add value with Augmented Reality and Image Recognition at every touchpoint, throughout the whole customer journey, with real-life examples.