Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is almost here, and everyone loves Easter Egg Hunts! This year, however, you can make it even better. We’re talking about a virtual egg hunt!

After the success of Pokemon Go!, virtual scavenger hunts have been taking off around the world. For this piece, we decided to collect the best Augmented Reality “egg hunts” and then give a few tips on how to make your own with CraftAR.


1. Toys ‘R’ Us #TRUMagic


Two years ago, the famous toy retailer developed an app called TRU Magic to bring an Augmented Reality experience to their Australian stores. Customers could download the app on their smartphone or tablet and point it at any relevant flyer or advertisement in-store to activate the game.

After the activation, children could interact with the brand’s mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe, and Easter bunnies. The mission was to find Geoffrey’s Playground, collecting Easter eggs on the way. At the end of the quest, they unlocked a special Easter treat and the opportunity to win store gift cards.

The app also included a movie maker feature. As the kids found the playground, they were able to record a short video with their “virtual bunny friends”, that could be shared in social media under the hashtag #TRUMagic to receive another free treat.


2. Asda Egg Hunt



A special Easter Egg Point of Sale banner was hidden at over 400 Asda stores, which depicted a giant rabbit hole on the floor near the entrance. Shoppers who downloaded the Asda app on their smartphones or tablets could watch the Easter bunny climb out of its hole and interact with them throughout the virtual egg hunt around the store.

With some help from the bunny, shoppers discovered hidden eggs among the fruit and vegetables shelves, clothing, and other aisles. Each egg was transformed into a virtual 3D egg with an Easter bunny inside that revealed a secret letter. When all the letters were found, players could unveil a password to redeem a free gift.


3. Marxent Labs Interactive Circulars


Marxent Labs
 develops interactive mobile apps for engaging print circulars. A few years ago, they came up with the EasterFX app, which used Augmented Reality for an interactive experience that encouraged users to go through the catalog, hovering their phone over the pages to find the 12 hidden Easter eggs. Once the egg hunt was finished, they submitted their email address to receive a special offer or coupon.


4. City 2 Egg Hunt


In Belgian shopping center City 2, agency Big Bad Wolf came up with an Augmented Reality app to make the venue more attractive to shoppers, while promoting their app and gift cards.

When users downloaded the app, they had to find and scan 10 different stickers hidden across the shopping mall, representing 10 different bells to trigger a fun AR animation. With each scan, the user could win a gift card up to 1,000€, and when they found all the bells, they received a bag of –real!– chocolate eggs as a reward.


5. SapientNitro



This digital marketing agency decided that kids shouldn’t be the only ones having some fun, so they launched an online Easter egg hunt game resembling a “virtual reality” experience.

The game is set in the company’s Eden House office in London, and the aim is to catch as many floating eggs as possible, moving through the building on six different levels. It can be played on all devices, including mobile, where players can hunt for the eggs by tilting their phones. Careful with the red eggs, though –you will be penalized if you catch them!


6. Brisbane Easter Egg Hunt



If you’re in Australia during Easter, there are a plenty of kid-friendly activities to participate in.

Firstly, Easter is coming to life in the shape of an Augmented Reality hunt in Brookside Shopping Centre, Mitchelton. You simply need to download the Brook Rewards app to participate.

The second Augmented Reality activity will be a fun treasure hunt where every clue comes with animation and audio. And if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, they can be provided for you.


7. DIY Easter Egg Hunt by Gamar



Gamar developed an app using Augmented Reality technology that allows parents to create their own virtual egg hunt at home.

It lets users set up a trail around the house, the garden, or anywhere else, using everyday objects like books, posters, and boxes of toys, and leave clues along the way. Then, the little players must follow the clues and find all the hidden eggs.


Create your own Virtual Egg Hunt with CraftAR

Want to try making your own virtual scavenger hunt? Here are a few ideas on how to do it with CraftAR, our ultimate Augmented Reality toolbox:

  • In-store, place banners or signs that shoppers can scan to collect virtual eggs using your mobile app. You may lead them to prizes or special seasonal discounts. It’s a great way to drive foot traffic and engagement!
  • Around town, set up signs or billboards, or pick popular landmarks which users can scan with your branded app or mobile site. Users can go around the city, interacting with your materials (a bit similar to how the Tagxy mobile experience works), collecting “eggs” for rewards or gamified content.

Creating Augmented Reality and Image Recognition experiences with CraftAR is really easy. Plus, unlike some other solutions, with CraftAR you won’t need to print any special graphic markers or QR codes on your materials, so it provides a frictionless experience for your users.

You can try it for free or request a demo and build your own branded mobile app, whether it is for a marketing campaign, a seasonal in-store promotion, or just to entertain your audience.