How to Support International Sales With 3D Visualization Solutions

You sell complex products and solutions and would like to support your sales staff in discussions with international customers?

In order to win new customers and expand their brand, companies present their latest products and machines to customers at trade fairs all over the world.

Their greatest challenge in this is that most companies have only a limited number of fully trained sales staff who know the ins and outs of the company’s latest innovations – and who are also capable of communicating the details to international customers. And even when they do speak the language of the customer, they rarely do so with the confidence of a native speaker.

How can businesses help their international sales- and trade fair teams to communicate their products and solutions quickly and with accuracy to customers at international trade fairs?

MagicLens will help you and your colleagues. With the capabilities of 3D visualization, as well as Interactive-3D (i3D), different use cases can be displayed at trade fairs and in sales conversations.

Sales staff can present the added value of complex machines and solutions to customers in a particularly simple and catchy way, sales documents are always up to date and training courses experience a completely new sustainability through the use of MagicLens.