Presenting Complex Industrial Solutions With 3D Visualization

You sell complex industrial solutions and want more effective sales and trade fair presentations?

Machine manufacturers invest a lot in the development of machines – today more than ever. Now in the time of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), manufacturers apply ever more sensors, cameras and control modules. These components are all part of collecting relevant data such as information about the condition and productivity of the machine.

The sales staff have to make the customers aware of new features and added value compared with older machine generations, and compared with the machines of the competitors. The problem is that the most advanced machines in the world are now almost without exception closed systems, covered by panels and security grids. This presents the sales staff with huge challenges.

How can you make the presentation of complex solutions easier for the sales staff?

MagicLens will help you and your colleagues. With the capabilities of 3D visualization, as well as Interactive-3D (i3D), different usecases can be displayed at trade fairs and in sales conversations.

Sales staff can present the added value of complex machines and solutions to customers in a particularly simple and catchy way, sales documents are always up to date and training courses experience a completely new sustainability through the use of MagicLens.