Presenting Innovations and Protecting Intellectual Property

Do you sell complex industrial solutions and want more effective sales and trade fair presentations?
In order to position themselves as innovation leaders and win new customers and gain further market shares, companies present their most innovative products and solutions at trade fairs and similar events. But in doing so, each company makes itself vulnerable to industrial espionage and theft of intellectual property.

It is time to protect your intellectual property from attack!

MagicLens can help! With the integrated possibilities offered by 3D visualization, as well as augmented reality and interactive 3D functionalities, you can reimage different use cases at trade fairs and sales talks. Companies can display and demonstrate their latest innovations without costly transport and insurance requirements. Salespeople and company representatives can quickly, easily, and elegantly present the added value of complex machines and solutions, all documentation is always up-to-date, and instructions and training are given a completely new and permanently updated usability through the use of MagicLens.