Presenting Machines and Systems with MagicLens 3D Solution

Sales is never easy. When sales staff present large products, heavy machinery, and systems, they rely on drawings, pictures, and sometimes videos to illustrate what they are talking about. A hands-on model or even some form of interactive support rarely exists in sales talks with the customer because the product or machine simply can’t be brought along.

Diving into a product

The customers and other interested parties are generally used to being able to have a detailed look at the product in question. They expect that businesses and sales teams are able to describe, explain and illustrate all functionalities clearly and simply. But in sales for large products and systems, this is nigh impossible. Sales teams must in this case be particularly proficient and also have the right tools at their disposal in order to map all advantages and added values of the product, and be able to adequately present these. And in general, this is both laborious and costly.

So how can you lighten the load for your sales teams and provide them with sustainable support during their sales pitches?

MagicLens can help! With the integrated possibilities offered by 3D visualization, as well as augmented reality and interactive 3D functionalities, you can reimage different use cases at trade fairs and sales talks. Companies can display and demonstrate their latest innovations without costly transport and insurance requirements. Salespeople and company representatives can quickly, easily and elegantly present the added value of complex machines and solutions, all documentation is always up-to-date, and instructions and training is given a completely new and permanently updated usability through the use of MagicLens