Selling Solutions vs. Selling Products

Do you sell standardized products or tailor-made solutions?

Particularly in sales of products and solutions in the B2B area, you will find different sales tactics. Companies therefore often have one sales team for individual solutions (solution selling) and another for mainly standardized products (product sales).

Sometimes these teams are not completely in sync, and why that is so is no great surprise: The team for solutions is largely focused on finding tailor-made solutions aimed at solving one specific problem for the customer. Product sales are focused on applying standardized solutions via standardized products.

Sales staff on both teams are also oftentimes poorly informed about the solutions and possibilities available to the other team. Deals fall through because inadequate solutions to complex problems are sold, or even overly complex solutions are sold where a simpler, standardized, approach could have been offered.

How can you ensure that both teams find the best solution for both your customer and your company? And how can they achieve more – together?

MagicLens can help. Over the past few years, we have developed dozens of use cases for our customers in a variety of industries and business areas. Thanks to the advanced visualization technology of MagicLens it is possible to illustrate and display both standard products as well as tailor-made solutions clearly, whether the goal is to present the company’s complete line of solutions and products or to cover specific sub-areas, single products, or individual solutions.

MagicLens is without limitations. Products and solutions are experienced interactively. The communication with the customers is brought to a new level, and both employees, customers, and finally the entire company benefit equally.

Augmented reality helps. We’re looking at a mature technology with comprehensive and detailed use cases for the industry. Through this advanced visualization technology, it is possible to clearly and understandably illustrate both standard products as well as tailor-made solutions.

This new way of approaching the customer makes the products far more tangible and accessible. Customers and sales staff alike can discuss the complete product range and pick the best solution from the complete portfolio. The communication with the stakeholders and other associated interested parties is simultaneously simplified.