The Top Way to Showcase Built-in Components and Products

Sales is never easy. And when the sales staff are responsible for particularly small or built-in machine components they rarely have access to visual guides or physical objects to help them.

What exactly does that mean?

It is difficult in a sales conversation to explain functionalities and the added value of products that are sealed and therefore not visible from the outside. And it is not possible to demonstrate how they work without taking the product apart.

For the prospective buyer, it is therefore almost impossible to understand why “this black box” is better than “that black box” – from the competitor. Sales staff has to be particularly well versed in how to communicate the advantages and added value of such components verbally, something which is both time consuming and expensive to achieve. So how can sales managers make it easier for their teams and effectively support them in this?

Augmented reality can help.

We are talking about a mature technology with comprehensive and detailed use cases for the industry. Through this advanced visualization technology, it is possible to illustrate both features and the added value of completely enclosed systems – for instance with the help of an exploded view.

This new way of approaching the customer makes the products far more tangible and accessible without additional training or complex showcases. The communication with the stakeholders and other associated interested parties is simultaneously simplified.