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How Augmented Reality Drives Better Retail Experiences – Advice and Examples

icon Date Jun 27, 2017

icon author Zsofia Kerekes

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For yet another year, Catchoom was among the industry leaders invited to take the stage at Augmented World Expo in the heart of Silicon Valley, to share some of the hottest tech trends that will shape how people shop, play and interact over the next few years.  

One of most important areas where technology like Augmented Reality (AR) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) can create the most business value is the Retail & eCommerce sector.

The business potential of “visual shopping” tech in retail

Considering that most retailers currently fail at offering store experiences that attract customers, investing in retail tech that brings footfall is key. Solutions like Augmented Reality already have a proven effect in creating better in-store experiences. For example, 68% of shoppers say that they spend more time at a retailer if they can shop with AR. 

See some more figures on how much commercial value tech like Augmented Reality can bring to stores

In the meantime, in an online shopping setting, more than two-thirds of US Millennials believe that retailers who use AI can better predict what they want. (And that leads to more loyal shoppers for your eCommerce business.)

Consulting companies predict digital transformation to unlock a staggering $2.95 trillion value in the retail and consumer goods market.

So, if you are a retailer, or an agency who works with brands, you would be crazy not to look into what such “Visual Shopping solutions” can do for your business. 

Watch our talk on how tech can boost your retail experience

To learn more about what tech can do for you at different stages of the customer journey, watch the video of our talk “Augmented Reality: the Next Big Shift in Retail Experiences”, recorded at Augmented World Expo — full of real-life examples.

Then, reach out to our team to have a talk about what Catchoom’s Augmented Reality, Image Recognition and Fashion-specific Artificial Intelligence solutions could do for your business and how they can help you go “omnichannel”.

(Slides used in the talk can be found here.)

A Guide to Visual Shopping Solutions for Retailers – Request our free guide

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