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Our New Guide to Interactive Print Experiences with AR

icon Date Jan 17, 2017

icon author Inés Escribano

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Whether talking about projects in marketing, education, publishing, or in the leisure industry, it is clear that print collaterals need to be reinvented, as digital alternatives have become a threat in the new media landscape.

Ebooks, online newspapers, video games and new technological advancements are replacing traditional physical books, magazines and board games. But digital is not print’s enemy. In fact, we believe that combining print with digital platforms is the future.

Our new whitepaper, “A Guide to Interactive Print Experiences” will show you some great examples of how companies and agencies can connect physical paper touchpoints to interactive digital experiences.

Bridge the gap between Print and Digital with Image Recognition & AR


Combining print and digital opens up new possibilities for users and readers to engage with advertisements, school textbooks, magazines, and even greeting cards. Today’s consumers are all about the experience. Therefore, combining print and digital platforms in your strategy can generate great results and lift your ROI.

Image Recognition creates a link between ‘physical’ and the ‘digital’ worlds. Thanks to the technology, customers only need to open your app or mobile site and scan an image using their mobile devices. This pulls up all sorts of content in less than a second. For example, you may take the user to a product’s purchase page or play an educational video.

Image Recognition’s ‘ally’, Augmented Reality (AR) overlays digital content upon real-world images, offering new interactive experiences that delight all types of audiences.

Blurring the line across industries

Image Recognition and Augmented Reality can be implemented in countless ways across different industries. Even though they often overlap, our whitepaper covers four different industries: advertising & marketing, education, publishing and leisure.


Interactive print experiences in Marketing & Advertising

2016 embodied the coming of age of AR in advertising. It played a key role in marketing and path-to-purchase initiatives, by enabling users to scan catalogs, Out-of-Home advertising, and any kind of print material. Using AR and Image Recognition in Advertising can generate engagement and bring conversion rates up.

Applications in Education

The education sector has been facing difficulties in keeping students engaged in the classroom. AR helps students understand complex concepts in creative and interactive ways, instead of just reading and listening. Such technologies can have a really positive impact across all age groups.

Interactive reader experiences in Publishing

When it comes to publishing, the battle between digital and print has been particularly intense. However, thanks to new technologies like AR, the two can now stop competing with each other. Interactive magazines, newspapers, and books are putting and end passive media consumption.

Reinventing Leisure with AR

Lastly, our guide presents interactive applications in the leisure industry. Board games, playing cards, and even greeting cards are being transformed with AR. By offering additional digital content, or bringing a narrative and characters to life, AR can generate meaningful experiences that users of all ages can engage with.

Read the full whitepaper to:

  • Learn how Augmented Reality and Image Recognition can shake up and improve the print industry.
  • Discover how to add value and lift your ROI by adding digital elements to print in different industries.
  • See real-life examples of interactive print experiences across four industries.

Download the whitepaper now for free. 

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