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Improve your eCommerce efficiency with Catchoom pricing plans
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catchoom pricing

We helped customers like Migros achieve more than 500,000 user interactions in the first week.


With 98% image recognition accuracy, we’re the preferred vendor for high traffic global apps such as  


We distinguish between more than 100+ categories and identify 400 attribute values for fashion companies like Privalia or Scotch&Soda.


Our highly-scalable, flexible solutions adapt to different customer needs. From Image Recognition solutions that cover very large catalogs and thousands of interactions, to Augmented Reality experiences, to AI-Driven Catalog Management that allows fashion retail companies to quickly and smoothly scale their business.


Catchoom, the your key vendor for Computer Vision and Augmented Reality-based solutions.


What kind of solution are you here for?

Can we help you provide interactive experiences with Visual Search or Augmented Reality that will increase engagement and boost conversions?

Or are you here for our cutting-edge product image tagging based on Artificial Intelligence?

Either way, please let us know your expectations and needs, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the best possible plan for you!