CraftAR Augmented Reality Cordova Plugin for iOS and Android

Use the CraftAR Augmented Reality Cordova Plugin for iOS and Android to integrate our high-performance Augmented Reality capabilities into your mobile apps, using Apache™ Cordova cross-platform development framework and web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

We want to make development easy for you. To integrate CraftAR into your Cordova mobile app, you can directly add our plugin to your Cordova project.

We’ve bundled up all the tools you’ll need, including the necessary JavaScript and the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDKs for iOS and Android.

This page gives you pointers to the Tutorials you should follow to integrate this plugin; the documentation of the Classes; how to run the Examples; the Requirements of your system to use this plugin, and finally, Release Notes of our continuous updates.

Download from CraftAR

How to get started with the Augmented Reality Cordova Plugin for iOS and Android

In order to get started with the Plugin, we recommend you to run the examples included in the distribution that you can download upon request (see button above). The examples are located in the craftarsdkexamples directory as an Apache Cordova Project.

Running the examples

In order to run the examples project, open a Terminal and go into the examples directory, then install the desired platform(s) and the plugin. Finally, you can run the examples app in your device:

The examples app opens a menu view that allows you to open the different examples. Each example opens the camera and the first step is for you to scan any object. We provide a set of reference images to point at that show different experiences. You can find those images in the folder craftarsdkexamples/Reference images.

We strongly recommend that you print this images out for testing. Pointing at them in your laptop/PC’s screen can heavily alter the experience due to artefacts that are invisible to your naked eye but very disturbing when captured with your smartphone.




To integrate the Cordova Augmented Reality Plugin into your native app, you will need cordova 6.0+.

Class Reference Documentation

Follow this link to browse through the classes of the CraftAR Augmented Reality Cordova Plugin for iOS and Android.


Version 2.3.1

August 17th, 2017

  • Updated: Contains CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK (iOS: 5.0.1, Android: 5.0.1)
Version 2.3

July 12th, 2017

  • Updated: Contains the latest versions of the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDKs, using a new, improved version of our tracking technology (iOS SDK version 5.0, Android SDK version 5.0).
  • Updated: Added missing files to run with Apache Cordova 7.
  • Fixed: iOS Build not working due to framework symlinks being broken there (see related question)
  • Fixed: Recognition bounding box was missing a corner.
Version 2.2

December 19th, 2016

  • Updated: CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK (iOS: 4.4, Android: 4.3)
  • Added: New method to control Cloud Finder Mode search rate (set search period)
  • Fixed: Exception logged on Android when intializing the plugin.
Version 2.1

August 31st, 2016

  • Updated: CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK (iOS: 4.3, Android: 4.2)
Version 2.0

April 18th, 2016

  • New version of the plugin for Cordova 6
  • Uses the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK version 4