Unity Augmented Reality SDK for Android and iOS

The CraftAR Unity Augmented Reality SDK for Android and iOS allows you to create Image Recognition (IR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications using the CraftAR service together with Unity3D.

Download Unity SDK

How to use the Unity SDK to build an app

The integration of the Unity Augmented Reality SDK into your native app consists in two steps:

  1. Set up the Unity project
  2. Create a Unity app that uses Cloud Image Recognition combined with Tracking

Separately, you’ll need to upload the Unity scenes into the CraftAR Content Management System by publihshing a new item.

Follow these tutorials for step-by-step guides:

Example code

The easiest way to get started with the Unity Augmented Reality SDK is by using our open source examples available in the Unity package that you download.


The CraftAR Unity Plugin will only work for Android and iOS Unity targets. The plugin is also limited to the Android SDK version 3.0+ and iOS 8.0+

With the CraftAR Unity SDK you can add IR and AR capabilities to any Android or iOS app without limitation on the features available to your license of Unity3d during development.
However, the limitations of each license will apply for the final app. For instance, an app generated with the Free license of Unity3D, will have a Unity3D splash screen. In order to remove this, check the different licensing options that Unity offers.

Platform requirements:
  • xCode 8+ for iOS
  • Latest Android SDK for Android

Class Reference Documentation

Follow this link to browse through the classes of the Unity Augmented Reality SDK.

Download Unity SDK


Version 3.1.2 Since December 19th 2016:

  • Added: Method to control the search rate of Cloud finder mode requests (setSearchPeriod).
  • Fixed: Problems setting the platforms.

Version 3.1.1 Since Septembert 1st 2016:

  • Added: Method to request the bounding boxes in the cloud image recognition response.

Version 3.1 Since June 17th 2016:

  • Added: New feature allows to use Augmented Reality on-device (scan AR items offline).
  • Fixed: Changed  ’ExampleDownloadContent’ to support scanning several times.

Version 3.0 Since March 1st 2016:

  • Updated to CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK 4.0
    • Includes our latest Tracking technology
    • Up-to-date SDK architecture
    • HD capture on iOS and optimised to best resolution on Android
  • Support for Unity 5.3
  • Several bug fixes

Version 2.1.2 Since July 14th 2015:

  • Fixes for iOS on arm64 devices.

Version 2.1 Since July 8th 2015:

  • This version has been optimized for Unity 5.
  • Fix editor crash on switch platform dialog.
  • Fix attach script when creating app.
  • Automatic switch to .NET 2.0.
  • Prevent undefined tag errors on item inspector.
  • Load correct Editor resource when creating app (removes warning).
  • Support IL2CPP scripting backend (for arm64 on iOS).

Version 1.1 Since June 17th 2015:

  • Fix tracking multiple items on iOS.

Version 1.0 Since February 20th 2015:

  • First release.