iOS CraftAR Pro SDK

We want to make your life easy. If you want to integrate CraftAR into your iOS app, we provide the iOS CraftAR Pro SDK as an iOS Framework that you can directly import into your XCode project.

Download iOS SDK

How to get started with the SDK

In order to get started with the SDK, we recommend you to run the examples included in the distribution that you can download upon request (see button above). The examples are located in the Examples directory as an xCode Project.

Running the examples

The SDK is already linked in the project, available inside the distribution package. You can open it and just run the project from your device (note that running inside the Simulator is not available with the SDK).

The examples app opens a menu view that allows you to open the different examples. Each example opens the camera and the first step is for you to scan any object. We provide a set of reference images to point at that show different experiences. You can find those images in the folder Examples/Reference images.

We strongly recommend that you print this images out for testing. Pointing at them in your laptop/PC’s screen can heavily alter the experience due to artefacts that are invisible to your naked eye but very disturbing when captured with your smartphone.




Integrate the iOS CraftAR Pro SDK into your own project

Follow this tutorial for instructions on how to integrate the iOS CraftAR Pro SDK into your xCode projects.


To integrate the SDK into your native app, you will need Xcode 7 or newer, and at least iOS 8.0.

Class Reference Documentation

Follow this link to browse through the classes of the iOS CraftAR Pro SDK

Download iOS SDK


Version 1.4

December 15, 2016

  • Changed: (CloudRecognition) Now you can control the search period through the CloudRecognitionSearchController.
  • Fixed: (Camera) Focus and contrast work better now. Set the focus point of interest instead of “triggering” the focus.
  • Fixed: (On-device IR) Crash when the app has UTF-8 characters in the name.
  • Fixed: (Augmented Reality) Set video content transparency mask programmatically now works.
Version 1.3

October 25, 2016
The first version of the iOS CraftAR Pro SDK combines the functionalities of all CraftAR SDKs for iOS in one single SDK. With it, you can create applications that can use:

  • Cloud image recognition (IR)
  • On-device image recognition
  • Extended search (on-device IR for common items + cloud IR for long tail items)
  • Augmented reality (from cloud or on-device items)

You can read more about this launch in our Releases Blog: New Pro SDK Combines Benefits of On-Device Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs.