Keep Quality Consistency

Across All Your Product Images

with our AI-based image quality check

High-quality product images convert 3x better than lower-quality ones
22% of online product returns are due to the “product looking different than in pictures”
Pages with relevant images receive 94% more views on average

Automatic Detection
of Image Quality Defects

Catchoom’s solution, based on Artificial Intelligence is able to automatically detect image quality defects according to your eCommerce standards.


By detecting blurriness, pixelation and noise among other defects, the solution saves time to your team and makes catalog management more efficient and of high quality.


Save time

Skip manual inspection of pictures. Defects are automatically detected.

Display all views

Make sure all mandatory product views are displayed and wrong-angled ones are discarded.

Maintain consistency

Maintain consistency, especially in marketplaces with different brands and kinds of product images.

Convey trust

Display only high quality images across your eCommerce or marketplace to attract more customers.


Discover how to leverage visual content to wow consumers in a fast and simple way.