Your out-of-the-box Image Recognition & AR solution

The ultimate Image Recognition and Augmented Reality toolbox to easily integrate image recognition to your app and create experiences for your gaming, advertising, marketing, publishing, or e-commerce business.

Create Your Image Recognition Experiences

Trigger experiences from a simple object scan. Users will scan your products (artworks, 3D objects, print materials, etc.) with their phones and instantly get access to any content you’d like to connect with them. For instance:

video image recognition solution


reviews image recognition

Reviews & info

purchase page image recognition solution

Purchase pages

Promotions & games

Management & Image Recognition APIs

The Management API allows you to upload reference images for your image recognition experiences in a batch or connect your backend service directly and inject new content or update the existing one when you need to. You will also have a Content Management System to create collections by campaigns or products.


The Image Recognition API will provide you with access to our recognition capabilities so you can build your own client software.

Run It Wherever You Want

Cloud Image Recognition SDK

Digital experiences that don’t overload your app thanks to our lightweight cloud image recognition SDK. 
Top speed and accuracy, even with collections having millions of images.

On-Device Image Recognition SDK

Image recognition runs fast even when connected to weak networks or not connected to a network at all!
Our on-device image recognition SDK is hybrid and can get cloud updates.

JavaScript Library HTML5

Image recognition directly in your browser with our Javascript Library HTML5 that enables web-based image recognition—without users needing to download a native app.


The National Portrait Gallery in Australia creates a unique scan-and-discover exhibition

Headhunt! is an app created with CraftAR that encourages families and children to explore the virtual Portrait Gallery by scanning the artworks with their phones or tablets and discovering the incredible stories behind them.

Augmented Reality experiences in the palm of your customer’s hand


Our AR experiences are triggered by the recognition of a product (3D or printed material) with the user’s camera phone.


Play videos, games or add actionable buttons on top of your products.

Tools to build your own AR experience


Use our Content Management System to upload the media you want to use for the AR experience and enjoy our bundle sync feature.

CraftAR Creator

Easy-to-use content creator for marketing teams to add models on top of the product and define triggered experiences.

Unity3D plugin

Create more flexible, complex AR experiences by connecting Craftar to Unity3D and increase interactivity.

Choose & Download Your SDK

Augmented Reality SDK

Augmented Reality SDK that powers AR experiences in your mobile app. For iOS, Android and cross-platform development with Cordova. We also make available a plugin for Unity3D to create more complex scenes.


Our Pro SDK fuses all our native mobile CraftAR SDKs for increased flexibility in development, while also taking advantage of the Cloud Image Recognition SDK for very large collections.


Prynt Makes Their Photos Interactive Using Catchoom’s Augmented Reality Solution

Prynt wanted to provide a unique experience to those using their printing device and let them scan the pictures to see interactive versions of the image on top of it.

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