The most versatile AR platform to showcase industrial products

Using Augmented Reality and Interactive 3D, MagicLens creates 3D industrial visualization experiences for mobile & desktop. ​

An industrial solution designed for the digital world

MagicLens is the perfect addition to a world, in which customer-facing events are mostly remote. ​​

With MagicLens you and your sales reps can showcase your products and solutions in powerful, captivating 3D presentations and share them through Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or WebEx​​.

Magiclens elevates your sales pitches and product presentations from competitors who have to rely on PowerPoint and other 2-dimensional presentation solutions.​

Interactive 3D

Present your machines in 3D and enjoy zooming in, pinching, and rotating your products in high quality.​

Video Rendering & AR

Augmented Reality brings your machine to life​ with quality videos of the 3D Content in your MagicLens.​

Print Rendering

Stunning renders of the machines and models for homepages, catalogues, leaflets and much more.​


Start your AR Experience through printed materials, physical objects or without markers at all. ​

MagicLens, the perfect solution to showcase your industrial products

MagicLens is a smart way to present industrial products like machines, plants or processes in interactive 3D and augmented Reality. MagicLens has a multitude of great features. But don’t take our word for it. Just watch it yourself!

Industrial AR Experiences​

Sales Presentations

Support your sales representatives in the presentation of complex products, machines, systems and solutions, face-to-face or remotely, and help your customers see your added value.

Physical Trade Booth Experiences

Get the attention of your customers, showcase the advantages and USPs of your products. With MagicLens you take your trade fair presentations to the next level!

Remote Trade Shows

Use MagicLens to present on virtual exhibition stands and in digital showrooms. Platform-independent, web conferencing capable and integrable on the website.

Training Experiences

Show the functionalities of your products to your colleagues and new employees, show them what differentiates them from the competition – and highlight the details that matter.

MagicLens Composer – Make MagicLens your own!​

The MagicLens composer is your portal to create, administrate, distribute and manage your MagicLens.​

• Platform-agnostic: The Composer is browser-based​
• Create and upload your content​
• Distribute content to all of your MagicLens devices​

Ready to improve machine visualization?