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5 Things We Expect to See at Augmented World Expo After an Exciting Year for Augmented Reality

icon Date Sep 14, 2016

icon author Zsofia Kerekes

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Back in the day, the InsideAR events, organized by Metaio, gave a unique opportunity for European Augmented Reality professionals to come together and spark exciting discussions about the industry and the state of the art of the technology. Even if there are other AR/VR themed events on the old continent, we believe that many of us think back on InsideAR feeling nostalgia.

This is the gap we think Augmented World Expo can fill with AWE Europe, reaching a similar status as their US-based edition, which is a must-attend, bustling event that still manages to maintain a sense of camaraderie and togetherness among industry professionals.

Here are some reasons why we are excited about ‘Augmented Reality’s biggest event’ coming to Europe, along with some things we expect to see in Berlin this October.


1. Listening to top AR tech professionals sharing tips and best practices until you drop.

One of the best things about AWE EU is that it squeezes so many inspiring talks into separate tracks two days that it makes your head spin. (Just check out the full agenda.)

It is a valuable opportunity for those who are considering implementing Augmented Reality, Image Recognition or related solutions to hear some tips and learn how to maximize Return on Investment.

Most of the leading solution providers in the market will give a talk. For example, we’ll share some advice for agencies on building mobile AR services. Those who are more interested in solutions for head-mounted displays will surely find enough food for thought, too. To pick two keynotes out of all the HMD-oriented content, industry pioneers will share their views on the industry in the smart glasses panel and others will talk about what challenges smart glasses adoption faces.

Of course, for developers and those who like to dig deep in the technology, listening to the latest stages in research and software companies’ talks, such as Unity’s AR-related news are a must.


2. More and more companies stepping into the limelight and sharing how they are using Augmented Reality.

We’re especially glad to see more and more customers sharing their stories publicly. It is always important to learn how companies are applying the technology to their needs and what their results are.

Among other talks, we can’t wait to listen to the Vienna Airport indoor navigation project to learn more about the feasibility of augmented reality solutions in large organizations. With all the interest in innovating the transportation business from manufacturing to the driving experience, the AR in Automotive panel sounds intriguing, too.


3. Lots of Pokémons. Or, at least, potential AR buyers looking into ways how to create a similar success story.

We expect agencies, entrepreneurs and brand marketers to flock to AWE Europe, eager to learn more about how they can adapt AR solutions to their business models.

Many of them may not have heard much about Augmented Reality until recently, when Pokémon Go’s came and put AR into all marketers’ vocabulary once and for all.

We believe it’s not only a valuable market momentum for commercial AR solutions, but also a great opportunity for tech providers to continue a dialogue with brands and agencies and learn more about their expectations.

Thinking about the thriving gaming, entertainment and media scene in Berlin and the city’s innovative, open-minded spirit, the event location seems to be spot-on.


4. A healthy mix between hardware innovation and mobile software solutions, commercial and industrial focus.

Let’s face it, hardware such as smart glasses and head-mounted displays make all techies drool, and for the right reasons. Most of us surely remember the very first time we ever said ‘OK, Glass’, which feels like it happened a century ago, by the way. We are also excited to keep on trying the latest devices and notice how much better they’re getting each year.

Although hardware demonstrations definitely add to the event experience and it is a very important field of innovation, no one should overlook the power of software solutions, especially when it comes to creating AR experiences for mobile devices.

Let’s not forget that mobile is still the most universally accessible way of introducing Augmented Reality experiences to the masses, and it is expected to reach a market value of USD 80 Billion by 2022.

On a similar note, we’re always excited to see how industrial applications and purpose-oriented AR devices such as helmets or safety glasses evolve. Enterprise use cases have huge business potential, so be prepared to see lots of novelties on the exhibition floor and on the keynote stage alike, looking for ways how to ‘put magic into the workplace’.

Nevertheless, thanks to the increasing awareness of Augmented Reality and the recent sexiness of consumer AR campaigns and apps, we believe that the booths of commercial mobile and software providers will be just as coveted on the AWE EU exhibition floor as the stalls presenting devices or industrial solutions.


5. Last but not least: having fun in one of Europe’s greatest capitals, with like-minded people who share a passion for Augmented Reality.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than an event where you feel awkward and tense, standing around in suit and ties with a cup of lukewarm coffee in your hands, having dull small talks while eagerly waiting for your flight back home. What a bore!

Well, our team has been a recurring participant at the Augmented World Expo series, and we can say that their events are nothing like that. We are looking forward to meeting enjoyable, interesting, inspiring people from the industry each time, and so far we’ve never been disappointed.

It’s not (just) about attending after parties, unique initiatives such as the the ARt event – or the colorful Auggie Awards show in case of the US edition.

It’s about those impromptu chats you get to make with old friends from the AR industry, and new faces who give you fresh insights.

It’s about witnessing where other companies are heading to and what they’ve achieved over the last year.

Ultimately, it’s about sharing the spirit of Augmented Reality and taking the technology forward together.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, feel free to use the discount code ‘CatchoomVIP’ for 45% off your pass for AWE EU. See you in Berlin, Germany between October 18-19, to have a chat about all things AR over a glass of lager beer and some currywurst.

Image credits: Augmented World Expo (AWE), AFP / Sophia Kembowski, Marius Klemm, Robert Bosch GmbH

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