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AdTech Is Coming and Augmented Reality Will Be There

icon Date Sep 06, 2013

icon author Catchoom Team

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I must confess, I’m psyched about attending AdTech next week in London. It’s not just because the AdTech event franchise is now an established fixture for seeing and discovering innovation and the best ad technology around the world.

It is also because when it comes to digital marketing, AdTech promises to offer the perfect mix of brands, publishers and agencies that are making up this space.

What do I expect from AdTech?

I expect (and want) to see innovative examples of mobile marketing apps, especially from the big names like Tesco, Ford and M&C SAATCHI. I want to hear the real success stories but also, I admit, ad bloopers or ad flops, because we learn as much from these as we do from the superstars. It helps us learn what to do and what not to do.

I also want to hear about the challenges ad agencies, app developers and brands are facing as they strive to bring innovative features like Augmented Reality (AR) to end users, the everyday people with a smartphone in their hand. Do they feel that users totally get AR? Or, is it the case that brands see AR as simply embedded in their mobile app experience or as a sidebar feature of mobile?

Finally, I’m keen (yes, really keen) to find out what new channels publishers are looking towards as they endeavor to distribute their digital content and what success they’re having with AR to get that job done.

How Catchoom can help advertisers, retail, gaming & co. 

But, I really like helping too. And because I believe that Catchoom is at the forefront of the AR e-volution (after all, we power Layar, the beyond notable AR browser company), Catchoom has a lot to say about the latest trends in AR and how we see the future, and it’s not just wearables (surprise!)

We sometimes hear ‘What does AR stand for’ and then we realize that we still have a job to do. We really do want to de-mystify AR and show the possibilities that it has to offer gaming, retail, shopping and even healthcare. Things are changing fast but we want to help mobile marketing agencies and brands surf this new AR wave.

Any new technology needs to entice users by painting a picture of how it can be used, and AR is no exception. We see so many powerful use cases. Just for starters, we can find a wide array of projects within our user base of more than 1,000 developers, from Museum Apps and Wine Apps to AR Maps and Mobile Commerce apps (shoot and add to wish list or shopping cart).

Catchoom makes AR easy for brands to implement. As I discover all that there is at AdTech, I’ll be sharing success stories from the Ikea AR app (the no.1 most downloaded branded app in 2012) as well as other Catchoom case studies like Condé Nast, Almirall, Singapore Post, and Layar. Each are different, but they have common needs when it comes to Image Recognition and AR.

Richard Ferraro

Last but not least, I’ll be demoing the speed and simplicity of our Image Recognition and explain why I believe it is the key gateway technology to a great AR experience. I’ll be walking the conference center, seeing what there is to be seen. So don’t be shy, catch me out on the floor and say ‘Hi’.

– Richard Ferraro, Chief Commercial Officer, Catchoom

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