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At Augmented World Expo Europe, Catchoom Debuts New All-in-One Augmented Reality SDK [Press Announcement]

icon Date Oct 18, 2016

icon author Zsofia Kerekes

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Catchoom combines the benefits of their On-Device Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs to give developers greater flexibility and scope for their mobile applications even without mobile data coverage.

Barcelona and Berlin – (18 October 2016) — Catchoom is proud to announce the latest addition to their award-winning CraftAR Image Recognition and Augmented Reality product at the Augmented World Expo Europe in Berlin, October 2016.

The new product, called CraftAR Pro SDK, provides the ultimate “all-in-one” solution to companies’ Augmented Reality needs. It combines the CraftAR native mobile Augmented Reality SDK, On-Device Image Recognition SDK and Cloud Image Recognition SDK capabilities into one single SDK.

From now on, creating apps with Image Recognition and Augmented Reality that can work with large collections of objects and even without Internet connection will be easier than ever before.


What are the combined benefits of the new SDK?

Thanks to the On-Device Image Recognition component, mobile app developers will be able to run image recognition inside the app, even when users are offline. The technology enables rapid search even for thousands of objects directly on the user’s device.

This ensures a reliable customer experience in locations with low or poor network coverage such as supermarkets, museums, exhibitions or when traveling.

The Augmented Reality piece empowers developers to enrich each recognition with digital content. The CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK can play video, render 3D objects, and provide interactivity with the augmented content. The only limitation until today was that it could run only for a reduced number of objects locally or unlimited with cloud support.

Now, through CraftAR Pro SDK, developers will be able to combine the offline recognition of thousands of objects with the magic of Augmented Reality.

Better user experience without depending on mobile data for many potential use cases

Mobile app users have gotten increasingly familiar with Augmented Reality experiences, but data consumption and/or reliance on Internet connection have put burdens on the attractiveness and feasibility of certain use cases.

Apps designed for locations or purposes where access to network or the availability of network coverage is uncertain can especially benefit from the CraftAR Pro SDK. Think museums, exhibitions, large-scale expos, outdoor environments, or use cases related to traveling and mobility.

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Specific examples may include an app for a museum, where visitors can scan the different works of art and see additional information as Augmented Reality content layered on top of them; a ‘car manual’ app which drivers can scan on the road to visualize instructions; or an interactive booklet that you can take wherever you go.

CraftAR Pro SDK will be available for purchase as part of Catchoom’s Image Recognition and Augmented Reality software offerings around the globe starting October 2016.

About Catchoom:

Catchoom is a private, VC-funded company and the first spin-off of Telefónica R&D. Incorporated in 2011, Catchoom is an image recognition and augmented reality platform that has provided 450+ million interactions to date with an outstanding, proven accuracy rate. The company licenses its software On premise and through SaaS.

Catchoom’s flagship product is CraftAR — the “toolbox” with web-based content management and creation, and consumption with its Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs (compatible with Android, iOS, with plugins for PhoneGap/Cordova and Unity). The company works with a number of companies around the globe, including Condé Nast, Y&R, Havas Media, and powers leading AR providers.

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Image credits: Catchoom, Prynt & Travel-Ling blog, Tagxy. Images serve illustrative purposes only.

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