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Augmented World Expo: Catchoom Debuts New Offline Image Recognition & Augmented Reality Combo (+ Other Reasons to Meet Us)

icon Date Oct 03, 2016

icon author Zsofia Kerekes

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We’ve already shared what makes us excited about Augmented World Expo coming to the heart of Europe this October. Time to talk about what Catchoom will bring to Augmented Reality’s biggest event this Fall.

Cutting straight to the juiciest part, we will unveil a new combination of our On-Device Image Recognition and Augmented Reality mobile SDKs.  Read on for a teaser of how it can help you build a new range of apps easier than before. We have a lot more up our sleeves, including sharing how agencies can build a successful white label AR and Image Recognition service with our tools, revealing recent customer success stories, and a fun AR giveaway at our expo stand.

Whether you are a developer, an entrepreneur, a project manager at a digital agency, or an ambassador of innovation inside a company, you won’t regret taking the time to have a quick chat with us at Augmented World Expo Europe in Berlin to learn what our solutions can do for you. 

Meet the new combo of our On-Device Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs for offline apps 

We’re happy to announce that we’ll soon be offering a new supercombo, marrying our popular On-Device Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs

What are the combined benefits?

1. You will be able to run the recognition on the user’s device, searching rapidly through hundreds of objects. The best part: the recognition also works when the users are offline.

2. You will be able to connect these objects to Augmented Reality experiences  even if you have a large collection. 

In which use cases is this combination especially useful? A few quick examples:
  • An app for a museum, where the visitors can scan the different artworks and see Augmented Reality content layered on top of them.
  • product catalog or a book featuring lots of images that you want to make interactive.  
  • A ‘car manual’ app which drivers can scan on the road to visualize instructions.

Stay tuned for further info as we’ll officially debut this solution at Augmented World Expo.

IMG_4268.jpg Tagxy-app-augmented-reality-201360-edited.jpg

Learn how to start a white label Augmented Reality and Image Recognition agency service 

We often talk about all the solutions we offer, but it’s equally important to share how you can best utilize them.

This time, our principal keynote will focus on an interesting business case. Listen to our talk at 4PM Tuesday Oct 18 as we will show you how you can build your own white-label agency service and content management system with the help of our Management API and native SDKs

Get inspiration for your own digital services

We’ll also share stories and best practices of some of our customers who have been delivering interactive experiences for their clients’ campaigns and apps, similar to what Tap2C successfully does, for instance.

It’s a great thought starter if you want to provide innovative and competitive mobile and marketing services in 2016. Especially exciting for providers who are active in advertising, outdoor media, second screen, print & publishing, retail, etc. 

Tap2C-imagerecognition-product-packaging-791457-edited.jpg advertising-berlin.jpgOutdoor-Media-Advertising.jpg

Visit the Catchoom booth for a very personal demonstration

We’ll wait you at booth ‘B29’, right across Epson’s stand on the exhibition floor (which by the way looks a bit like the blueprint of the Millennium Falcon). Stop by to discover our complete CraftAR “toolbox”, see apps done by our customers, and have a chat about best practices for your industry

There’s no expo without giveaways. In a sea of pens, USB flash drives and squishy stress balls, we thought we should come up with something more…”moving”. 

So we’ll rather have a Prynt case on the spot to bring your photo to life with Augmented Reality and let you take the tiny print home as a lovely reminder of the event.


It is not only a fun concept but a great example of how you can combine our Image Recognition and AR SDKs with smashing success. 

Use our 40% discount code to get your pass and let’s meet

In case you don’t have a ticket yet, feel free to use the discount code ‘CatchoomVIP’ for 45% off your pass for Augmented World Expo EU between 18-19 October, 2016 in Berlin. If you plan to attend the event or we coincide in Berlin during those days, please drop an email to Zsofia on so that we can schedule a quick meeting with the team, or leave a comment here.

Image credits: Augmented World Expo, Ray-Ban, Tagxy, Tap2C, TechCrunch

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