CraftAR Augmented Reality Cordova Plugin for iOS and Android

Create great Augmented Reality apps for iOS and Android,
using the Apache Cordova cross-platform development framework

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Render Augmented Reality experiences automagically in your iOS and Android apps

Save development time creating great Augmented Reality apps
for iOS and Android at once, using the Apache Cordova framework and Web technologies.

High-performance Augmented Reality tech with easy content creation

Our Plugin integrates our Augmented Reality SDK, offering high-performance rendering and tracking on planar objects.

Need a tool to create content for your apps? You can use our handy web-based CraftAR Creator to create items and edit your AR scenes.

Then, embed AR items on the device, or create a lightweight app and recognize thousands of items in your collection through the CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition API and pull the related AR content to your mobile app.

All that you need to develop iOS and Android apps in Cordova

Our Plugin makes it easy for you to create cross-platform and hybrid apps using the Apache™ Cordova development framework and modern web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

You can conveniently add our Plugin to your Cordova project.

We’ve bundled up all the tools you’ll need, including the necessary JavaScript and the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDKs for iOS and Android.


Save development time with our API

Our high-level API helps you save time and focus on the content and interaction for your users.

Free examples available

To help you get started with the Plugin and make it easier for you to create great apps with Augmented Reality, take a look at our free examples as part of the distribution package.

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Cordova Augmented Reality Plugin