CraftAR Augmented Reality Unity SDK for iOS and Android

Create great Augmented Reality and Image Recognition apps for iOS and Android,
using our CraftAR service together with Unity3D.

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Unity Augmented Reality SDK for advanced content interaction and rendering

Combined with the power of our best-in-class image recognition and tracking tech

Render complex scenes and interactivity

The CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK can be embedded into your Unity app to render complex scenes and interactivity.

Our Augmented Reality tracking technology for planar objects ensures a reliable, stable, smooth AR experience for your iOS and Android apps.

Supports both online and offline Augmented Reality experiences

You can create a lightweight app and recognize thousands of items in your collection through the CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition API and pull the related AR content to your mobile app.

Or, embed Augmented Reality items on the user’s device to run regardless connectivity. If you want to embed large collections, check out our Unity Pro SDK.

Create and push AR content straight from the Unity editor

Use the CraftAR Unity SDK’s editor plugin to add game objects (including animated 3D models or 360 panoramas) and your own programming to a scene.

Then, publish your scenes to the CraftAR service with the push of a button, without having to leave the Unity editor.

Modify content without updating your app

You can modify the content at any time: your app will connect to the cloud and render your latest update. No need to update your app.


Flexible camera settings to improve your user experience

The features of the SDK include components that access the device’s camera, enable reception and modification of the camera video frames, and allow HD capture.

Free examples included

Use our free examples included in the SDK to get ready in minutes.

Get the CraftAR Augmented Reality Unity SDK for iOS and Android

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