On-Device Image Recognition SDK

Enable offline image recognition on mobile devices
regardless of Internet connectivity

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On-Device Image Recognition SDK

Take it offline to avoid latency issues and control your budget – even when traffic suddenly spikes

450+ million recognitions in your pocket

Our image recognition software has matched over 450 million images in the past few years alone! Power your app or website with Catchoom engine’s 98% accuracy, robustness, and speed

No Internet connection required

The On-Device Image Recognition SDK runs offline with no cloud support necessary. Your apps run just as fast whether they are online, connected to a weak network, or with no coverage at all.

Unlimited apps for $2890

The one-time plan add-on allows you to create unlimited apps and publish them in your preferred app store.

All SDKs are free to download and use for development. Check out our pricing for more details about add-ons for published apps.


Flexible and robust

Outstanding performance –
even in non-optimal conditions

The On-Device Image Recognition SDK from Catchoom outperforms other IR technologies in the market in 20% of the cases – even in environments with low light, high reflection, difficult angles and long distances to objects.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets

Built in collaboration with Intel, the On-Device Image Recogition SDK returns results on hundreds of images in under a second. It also leaves a very small footprint in your app so you get more downloads.

Synchronize your content on demand

It’s easy to update content using the CraftAR content management system web interface or Management API. Your app can pull all changes on demand and make them available for your users.


Available on multiple platforms

Native SDKs

Cross-platform Development

iOS On-Device Image Recognition SDK

Docs: iOS On-Device Image Recognition SDK

Download iOS SDK

Cordova Augmented Reality Plugin

Docs: Cordova On-Device Image Recognition Plugin

Android On-Device Image Recognition SDK

Docs: Android On-Device Image Recognition SDK

Download Android SDK