On-Device Image Recognition Cordova Plugin for iOS and Android

Create apps with our fast and stable On-Device Image Recognition solution inside,
using the Apache Cordova cross-platform development framework

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Unleash the power of our offline Image Recognition in your apps

Save development time creating iOS and Android apps at once,
using the Apache Cordova framework and Web technologies.

Top Image Recognition with no Internet connection required

The Plugin integrates our On-Device Image Recognition SDK, which can run offline with no cloud support necessary. Your apps work just as fast whether your users are online, connected to a weak network, or with no coverage at all.

As the Plugin implements our Image Recognition API, you can also take advantage of our Cloud Image Recognition capabilities with fast global response times.

Whether you choose to go offline or online, enjoy an outstanding accuracy and robustness.

All that you need for your Cordova projects

Use our Plugin to conveniently create cross-platform and hybrid apps using the Apache™ Cordova development framework and modern web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Just add our Plugin to your Cordova project. We’ve bundled up all the tools you need, including the necessary JavaScript and the On-Device Image Recognition SDKs for iOS and Android.

Save development time with our API

With our high-level API, you can save time and focus more on the content and interaction for your users.

Includes free examples

To help you get started with the Plugin and guide you how to develop your own apps with Image Recognition, take a look at our free examples.

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Cordova On-Device Image Recognition Plugin