Image Recognition & Artificial Intelligence

Solutions for Fashion eCommerce

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Image Recognition and
Artificial Intelligence

Solutions for Fashion eCommerce

Watch how it works

Customers want a personalized and seamless product discovery experience online



People who use site search are twice as likely to make a purchase. However…



of customers will leave a site in less than two minutes if they can’t find what they’re looking for.



of US Millennials believe that retailers who use AI can better predict what they want.

Use Catchoom’s Fashion-specific Artificial Intelligence solutions
for a better online shopping experience


Save time & costs, avoid human errors in catalog management

Manual categorization is costly and prone to errors. Automatically assign tags to product images based on visual characteristics.


Accurately match site searches

A better description and categorization of the products will deliver unprecedented search result relevance — no more frustrating experiences.


Increase sales conversion rates

By showing relevant alternatives, you increase the chance that your customers will find an item they fall in love with — in the exact style they were looking for.


Relevant recommendations without depending on user data

Traditional recommendation engines which are based on purchase history or aggregated trends require substantial data and lead to biased results.


Enable relevant, effective product discovery

Suggest products that are visually similar to what the shopper is looking for, based on relevance rather than popularity.


Customize product recommendations

Let users tune recommendations to favor type, color, or even custom parameters.

See how it works


“By 2020, 85% of interactions between retailers and customers will be aided by AI.” (Gartner)

Request the fact sheet about Privalia DeepProducts.

DeepProducts uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology that has been designed to cope
with the specific requirements of the Fashion market.
Our large-scale platform experience ensures efficiency in inventories of all sizes.
Improve catalog management, boost the conversion rates of your eCommerce site and enhance your user experience.

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