Image Recognition Solutions

Make print magazines, signage & catalogs interactive

Image Recognition Solutions

for Print Magazines, Signage & Catalogs

Connecting print media assets to digital content offers a
valuable business opportunity.


Brands’ trust in print is declining. Finding new ways to monetize your print assets is more important than ever before.


61% of readers want to take action, such as visiting a website, after seeing a print ad.


When combining media platforms, brands see a 19% increase in Return on Investment from marketing.

Use our Image Recognition tech
in branded apps for interactive print experiences:


Make catalogs

Go beyond the passive print experience. Link brochures to product videos, reviews, or the full inventory to boost cross-selling.


Enable m-commerce opportunities

Lead readers to branded online stores and purchase pages when scanning an ad, signage or a page in a magazine and let them shop straightaway.


Better monetize
print content

Justify print’s impact on brand engagement by being able to track how many users scan and access digital experiences.


traditional formats

Give your print collateral, such as flyers, cards, and banners a new, digital double life to delight customers.


Extend the customer experience with extra value

Link to exclusive digital content, such as videos or games, as part of a holistic experience.


Substitute barcode or QR code scanning

With image recognition, you don’t need any special print markers. It is a frictionless, flexible solution when compared to QR codes and such.

See it in action


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Tap2C image recognition app offers interactive print and product experiences


G-Live app turns Glamour print magazine into interactive shopping experience


Shoppers use event app to scan banners for discounts at Shopping Night Barcelona

Our Image Recognition solution can recognize magazines, books, catalogs, ads, signage, POS materials, photos, and all other things printed, and link them to digital experiences.

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