The Ultimate Tech & Retail Terminology Guide

Keeping Up With Changes In The Retail Industry

As technology takes over the retail industry, the use of new tech-related terms expands. Changes in customer behavior and demands have lead to stiff competition, associated with the emergence of new online retail platforms. The result has been an increasing need for retailers to adapt to new tech solutions and tailor new experiences that might be more attractive to customers and improve their journey and experience.

This is even more important as digital natives grow up and start becoming the majority of the consumer population. There is no more room for traditional retail, but there is plenty for reinvented retail.

55 Retail and Tech Terms Every Retailer Needs to Know

Have you heard of new trends, such as smart mirrors or beacons? Do you know what Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence are and how can they improve product discovery on your website?

If you haven’t, or if you are curious on how they could impact your business, you definetly need to take a look. Don’t miss out on any of the new technologies and make sure to stay up to date with our downloadable guide.

Our tech & retail terminology guide includes all tech buzzwords that brands and retailers should be familiar with in order to:

  • keep up with new developments
  • remain competitive in the current retail landscape
  • explore new ideas for a unique customer experience