Augmented Reality SDK

Give brands a colorful double life with Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality SDK

A ready-to-use SDK that renders Augmented Reality experiences automagically
in your branded iOS and Android apps

Less coding, more AR creation

Faster, easier app development

Put videos, buttons and 3D models in your app – without the hassle – with Catchoom’s flexible, easy-to-implement Augmented Reality SDK.

Plug-in-and-go SDK

Available for native iOS and Android apps. Plugins for cross-platform development of Augmented Reality apps in Cordova, and a Unity Augmented Reality SDK to plug into the Unity3D editor.


Fully Loaded SDK

On-device Apps

The Augmented Reality SDK can run on-device without Internet connection. This allows you to embed all the necessary assets into your app.

For AR on large collections embedded on the device, at the same high speed, combine AR with On-Device Image Recognition using the all-in CraftAR Pro SDKs.

Cloud Image Recognition for 1000s of objects

You can also create a lightweight app and recognize thousands of items in your collection through the CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition API and pulls the related AR content to your mobile app. The SDK optimizes download speed and shows you download progress so you can notify users.

High-performance tracking

The tracking technology inside the SDK is capable of aligning planar objects with your AR content, coping with different camera angles and distance to the object.

High-quality video playback

Customers love our SDK’s video playback – with perfect audio synchronization – key to rendering seamless augmented experiences.


Available on multiple platforms

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Native Mobile SDKs

Cross-platform development