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Image Recognition and AR solutions

Build apps that connect objects in the real world (as varied as products, artworks, machinery, or printed materials) with digital and 3D visualization experiences via the user’s device camera.


Our range of products comprises CraftAR, an easy-to-integrate image recognition and AR toolbox and MagicLens, an industry-specific AR solution for industrial machine visualization.

CraftAR, your image recognition and AR toolbox

Scan product packagings or print materials with your smartphone to access digital content and 3D experiences in a snap.

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MagicLens, 3D visualization tool for industrial machines

MagicLens brings complex products, machines, industrial plants, solutions and work processes fully into the virtual realm.

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Craftar, your white-label image recognition & AR solution

CraftAR out-of-the-box white-label solution allows you to create visual experiences powered by Image Recognition on your own.

• Download one of our SDKs to plug our solution into your mobile (iOS and Android) or web app (Javascript).

• Upload your reference images of the product to the CMS.

• Assign an experience to the image (a link, a promotion, a purchase page) or superimpose a 3D model of your own…

• Let your customers scan and experience products like never before!

MagicLens, the smart way to present industrial products

MagicLens is our Augmented Reality-based visualization tool for industrial products.

• Interactive 3D machine visualisation

• Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

• Available for all mobile appliances and desktop computers

• Remote 3D presentations for sales and training.

Catchoom, provider of leading
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“At Shazam, we needed an image recognition solution to enable users to easily scan print content, with API-based flexibility and the additional goal of reducing the app size.

Ultimately, we chose to implement Catchoom’s CraftAR solution, which has enabled our users to identify and unlock campaigns almost instantly and with ease, with great performance and keeping the app binary size to a minimum”

Richard Sharp, CTO 

“The number of new contacts generated thanks to MagicLens was, well, spectacular. Our booth turned out to be a true crowd-puller. Moreover, we can deploy the Gilgen MagicLens in our showroom or at other sales events and even use it on our website. That’s a great return on investment

Alain Ducray, Marketing Dept

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