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Meet CraftAR, the leading Image Recognition and Augmented Reality platform

that works all the time and is easy to integrate.


Fast, accurate, reliable

An independent benchmark study rated Catchoom’s Image Recognition performance 20% higher than that of its competitors.

Our technology outperforms competitors on accuracy of matches and turns out results in under 0.5 seconds.


Built for the real world

We test the engine in real environments – so it knows how to handle tricky angles, blurry images, low light and high reflections.

The recognition can run in the cloud or on-device, allowing your users to enjoy the experience even when they are offline.


Easy to implement

We offer ready-to-use APIs, SDKs for Android and iOS, libraries for your web service, plugins for Unity and cross-platform development and a web-based content creation tool for AR. All well documented by our technology team.

Check out the CraftAR Service, your ultimate toolbox that makes implementation inside your apps easy and fast.


Scalable, flexible, robust

Our platform is designed to deliver outstanding performance no matter how big your database is – it works just as well on millions of images.

Need to build a big, powerful platform?
Catchoom is also available as an on-premise installation that lets you manage your data on your own servers. Check out our CraftAR Enterprise solution.

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