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AI Product Tagging

Easily categorize and assign attributes to eCommerce products with our AI-assisted annotation tool.

Visual Search

Let your customers scan your physical products or 2D catalogs to access digital content in a snap.

Augmented Reality

Let customers visualize your products and see how they'd look like in real environments with our AR tool.

Easily create and manage your eCommerce product data with our AI-assisted annotation tool:

  • AI-assisted product data creation: a first draft of product data including categories and SEO-friendly attributes is automatically generated by our AI based on product image recognition.
  • Product Information Management made easy: centralise all product data in an easy-to-use single platform with an intuitive interface.
  • Streamlined channel distribution: output product data in the right format for every sales channel

Full body > Dress > A-Line

Pattern > Print

Color > Purple

Sleeves length > 3/4 sleeves

Sleeves type > Straight

Neck/Collar > Round

Augmented Reality

customers around the world


percent accuracy rates

Image Recognition AR and AI

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