Reduce Friction In Your Shopping
Experience And Make Product
Discovery Easy

using visual search in your native and web apps

62% of shoppers want to be able to scan a product to see product reviews
Consumers spend on average 9% more on mobile when using visual search
8 in 10 millennial consumers are interested in scan and go

Visual Search for Consumer Packaged Goods

Allow your shoppers to easily find products in your online catalog by connecting physical items and print catalogs to eCommerce. This will help your customers make faster and better purchase decisions and will give you access to shopper insights.


Build trust in your products and brands

Connect consumer packaged goods, catalogs and ads to how-to videos, reviews and special promotions to encourage shopping.

Enable a frictionless purchase journey

Provide faster online shopping experiences by linking product packaging or print content directly to purchase pages.

Activate customers through product discovery

Help customers engage with brands and products across your catalog, yielding better recommendations and valuable insights.


Migros wanted to suggest recipe ideas, show complementary products, give nutritional facts, and guide shoppers through the whole shopping experience.

“The agency who helped us develop our iOS app tried all the available image recognition solutions on the market. Catchoom did the best job in terms of quality and price“.Daniel Setzermann, Director of Marketing, mymuesli