Connect Fashion Catalogs And Signage To Your Ecommerce

using image recognition in your native and web apps

Consumers still spend $850 a year on purchases from print catalogs
Consumers spend on average 9% more on mobile when using visual search.
62% of shoppers want to be able to scan a product to see product reviews

Scan-to-Shop Experiences for Print Fashion Materials

Allow potential customers to scan items in a catalog or store signage to trigger digital content.


Provide an omnichannel experience

Connect your print catalogs or digital signage with your eCommerce.

Activate your potential customers

Provide customers with interactive scan-to-shop experiences.

Faster purchases and better product discovery

Help customers get to know your products and make shopping smooth.

Case Study

Condé Nast Digital Spain wanted to create a unique experience for their readers and shoppers, while helping brands and retailers better monetize their print ads.