Activate readers and help them make more informed decisions

using image recognition in your native and web apps

54% of readers read reviews before buying a book

Visual search is associated with 48% more product views

62% of shoppers prefer to buy books online

Visual Search for Online Bookstores

As an online bookseller, you can enable visual search through image recognition to engage potential readers with digital content like book reviews and special offers. Recommend relevant titles from the catalog and provide better customer data to publishers.


Turn curiosity into purchase intent

56% of readers need reassurance to make a purchase decision. Enable easy access to content like peer reviews and critiques in a snap.

Show relevant, extra content

Connect print with digital content such as author interviews, bonus materials or invitations to attend book presentations in order to engage with your readers.

Enable multiple purchase options

Let readers choose between different editions (paperback, hardcover, ebook) and reduce friction in purchase journey with ‘scan-to-shop’ experiences.

Allow visual product discovery within your catalog

Let customers find titles they might like across your eCommerce catalog, just by snapping ads and book covers wherever they see them.

book infographics

Download the infographic now to find out how visual search can help online booksellers and publishers activate their readers.