Improve Your Fashion Ecommerce Operations And Product Data

with our automatic product image tagging solution

72% of customers leave a website in 2 minutes if they can’t find what they want

Manual product annotation can be up to 2x slower than automatic annotation

30% of customers abandon their shopping carts due to poor product description

Automatic fashion product tagging

Catchoom’s AI-powered solution automatically retrieves and assigns attributes and categories to fashion products from images. This helps fashion retailers streamline online catalog management and enrich their product descriptions with fine-grained attributes.

Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Color: White
Pattern: Floral
Fastening: No
Fit: Regular
Length: Thigh Length
Neck/Collar: Round
Fabric: Jersey
Sleeves Length: Short Sleeves
Sleeves Type: Straight


Save product annotation costs

Manual annotation is a labour-intensive and costly effort. Increase efficiency with our automatic mechanisms.

Onboard products faster

Speed up operations and time-to-market in your eCommerce by automating product labelling.

Better structured product tagging

We help you automatically apply a consistent clothing ontology across products coming from different brands and suppliers.

Avoid human errors

Reduce potential mistakes and inconsistencies that result from long, manual processes.

Provide richer attributes

Our autotagging solution provides 150+ categories and 30+ rich, highly detailed attributes.

Boost SEO and better match customer search

Rich, fine-grained attributes improve SEO for your catalog, and enable more accurate and relevant site search results.

Find out more about how our automatic product labeling solutions can help fashion eCommerce and marketplaces.