Automatic Fashion Product Tagging

Use Artificial Intelligence to automatically tag your fashion product images with rich, highly-detailed attributes that will increase the SEO value of your product data and match your customers’ site searches more accurately.

Save costs by automatically tagging fashion product images

Fashion > Accessories > Shoulder bag

Age: Adult

Color: Red

Fabric: Leather

Gender: Female

Pattern: Solid

Annotate product images with less effort required from your team.

Automate the translation of your product attributes into your eCommerce languages.

Assign and feed attributes automatically into your eShop in a way that matches your tone of voice.

Fuel your eCommerce product discovery and sales

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 16.18.22

Enable product filters

Open up the possibility to filter products or suggest similar items for better and faster results within your eCommerce

Boost your SEO

Improve SEO value for your products using consistent, highly-detailed, rich product attributes.

A product annotation tool adapted to your needs. Do you want to…?

Fully automate your product feed processing

Out-of-the-box rich product attributes generated by AI and directly injected into the eCommerce system.

Partially automate your product feed processing

We provide a web interface for the team to validate attributes and add non-visual attributes (e.g. washing instructions).

Integration with your eCommerce or Product Information Management System

We connect our deep learning engine directly with your PIM or eCommerce management system. Then, we map our product taxonomy to yours to deliver results in your eCommerce tone of voice.

Our solution will then automatically tag your product images whenever you upload them to your eCommerce system. Changes in your product data are automatically fetched by our engine at specific time frames.

First-class Artificial Intelligence for your eCommerce product merchandising

A system that learns

We continuously train our engine for you with new images that improve results.

One image is enough

A single image is enough to automatically retrieve the attributes.

Deepest categorization

Deeper solution than competitors: 150+ categories, 40+ attributes, 400+ values.