ArtificiaI Intelligence Meets E-Commerce: Privalia Factsheet


The challenge:

Privalia was born in 2006, as a fashion eCommerce site for flash sales, and it was designed to become the reference site for online fashion in Spain, where this industry was barely existing.

And it reached its goal. Currently, it offers daily sales of products from the well-renowned brands at special prices. With over 34 million users around the world, Privalia leads the market in Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico. On April 2016, Privalia became part of the e-commerce French group, Vente-Privée or VeePee, creator and worldwide leader of flash sales concept, and therefore they decided to move forward with process optimisation.

That’s when Catchoom debuted their latest solution for fashion eCommerce businesses with Privalia. Using AI-powered visual recognition technology, Deep Products is able to automatically extract product attributes from fashion product images, automatically generating product data for them. It also provides an interface to edit and add other attributes, serving as a new generation product information management system.

AI-powered visual recognition allows:

  • save time and costs, and improve efficiency in catalog management by enabling automated product attributes, and
  • increase product SEO value with rich, detailed attributes that deliver better search results and boost conversion.

Download the fact sheet now to find out more about how our solution helps fashion retailers like Privalia.