Connect your catalog
and get instant product data

with our AI-Assisted Product Information system


Our AI-Assisted PIM system analyses eCommerce images and automatically
rich, highly-detailed attributes for online fashion catalogs.

Save costs by automatically tagging fashion product images

Fashion > Accessories > Shoulder bag

Age: Adult

Color: Red

Fabric: Leather

Gender: Female

Pattern: Solid

Let AI assist you in annotating your eCommerce products

Centralize product data and easily push it to all channels.

Connect our AI-assisted PIM to your existing systems—even your own traditional PIM!

DeepProducts, the key to eCommerce success

DeepProducts can be used in three different ways depending on the level of automation. In all cases, we can integrate the solution with eCommerce platforms, ERPs, other traditional PIM systems, and product feeds.

Fully Automated API

  • pulls images from your system
  • analyzes them using AI
  • outputs estimated attributes 
  • injects them into your system
    with no supervision

AI-Assisted PIM

  • centralizes product data
  • analyzes images using AI
  • outputs estimated attributes
  • provides an interface to manage,
    validate, and sync data

Human-Reviewed Annotations

  • uses all the power
    of the AI-assisted PIM.
  • combines the results with
    the work of an expert team of
    fashion product data reviewers.

Additional features

Thanks to its product recognition capabilities, DeepProducts has an additional feature that lets you embed a widget in all your eShop product pages suggesting similar-looking garments. This increases the chances of conversion by providing alternatives and reducing abandonment at a product-level page.

Specifically designed for eCommerce sites, our image quality assurance tool detects product image defects (blurriness, excessive compression, insufficient image size, noise…) and spots the different product views (front, side, back, detail…) for every item, showing a warning whenever something is missing.

A cutting-edge AI product image tagging solution
for your eCommerce product merchandising

150% more categories & 34% more values

than our closest competitor


A system that learns

We continuously train our engine for you with new images that improve results.

icons8-t-shirt-64 (3)

One or multiple images

A single image is enough to automatically retrieve the attributes.

icons8-tree-structure-64 (1)

Deepest categorization

Deeper solution than competitors: 150+ categories, 40+ attributes, 400+ values.


Patented technology

Coarse-to-fine image classification system awarded with patent.


Highly-trained model

Fine-grained Deep Learning model trained with different kinds of images

icons8-waypoint-map-64 (1)

Taxonomy mapping

We can map our deep ontology to your company’s tone of voice or terminology.

Some of our customers have managed to reduce product annotation times from 20 working days to only 2-3 days

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