Improve Your Fashion Ecommerce Operations And Product Data

with our automatic product tagging solution


of purchases are lost due to poor product descriptions


of product returns are due to inaccurate product information


faster product annotation using artificial intelligence

AI-Assisted Fashion Product Tagging

Catchoom’s Automatic Product Tagging is a SaaS product for fashion eCommerce that uses Computer Vision to analyze product images and automatically suggest relevant attributes and categories.


It also provides a user interface connected to the eShop systems that allows you to edit the autogenerated data and send it to the different channels.

Clothing > Full Body > Shift dress
Floral Pattern
Thigh Length
Straight Sleeves
Short Straight Sleeves
Round Neck
Regular Fit

Benefits of the AI-Assisted PIM

easier channel distribution

Easier Channel Distribution

Businesses spend 25 min per SKU to manually update data, and for 73% of them this is difficult and impractical.


Our solution easily exports and syncs new or updated product data to the different selling channels

faster time-to-market

Faster Time-To-Market

A PIM system helps brands and retailers get products to market an average of 4x faster.


DeepProducts AI-Assisted PIM can reduce product annotation times from 20 days to 2-3 days.

automated translations ecommerce

Automated Data Translations

Product data translation costs as much as 0,10€/word! Translating large catalogs is expensive.


We match data in your site languages to output it automatically, saving up to 24,000€ for every 5,000 items.

better ecommerce filters

Better Product Filters

34% of eCommerce sites do not fulfill visitor filtering needs and 72% do not meet search results expectations.


Structured product data helps improve site navigation & site search results.

increased SEO

Increased SEO & Findability

35% of eCommerce traffic is organic. Populating catalogs with relevant keywords is essential.


Rich product data will help you improve SEO and product findability.

consistent product data

More Consistent Product Data

30% of eCommerce data has at least one error in it. Poor quality data makes organizations lose 9.7 millions.


DeepProducts helps achieve consistent data across all channels.

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