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Marker-Based AR Solution


Let shoppers scan products or catalogs to superimpose 3D
models on top of them. Create augmented experiences to
facilitate product visualization or trigger 3D call to actions
that will inevitably increase customer engagement.

Superimpose 3D models
on top of your products or print materials

Craftar Augmented Reality Example

Users only need their phone & your app to see the experience

You can superimpose models in top of 2D or 3D materials

Products don’t need specific markers to trigger the experiences

Trigger 3D or video experiences on top
of your products using Craftar Augmented Reality

Actionable buttons

Promotions & games

Outstanding features to create and manage your AR experiences

image recognition solution CMS

Use our Content Management System to upload the media you want to use for the AR experience and enjoy our bundle sync feature.

Easy-to-use content creator for marketing teams to add models on top of the product and define triggered experiences.

unity3d plugin craftar

Create more flexible, complex AR experiences by connecting Craftar to Unity3D and increase interactivity.

Remarkable Mobile SDK Performance

Augmented Reality SDK

Fastest Detection


Enable smoothless experiences thanks to the best in-class image recognition that quickly detects up to 5 targets at the same time, even in cluttered environments.

Awe-Inspiring Rendering


Display your 3D models in the fastest, most accurate way, and reduce the jitter thanks to our technology that makes the models less shaky during AR experiences.

Instant Tracking


Enjoy a more stable technology that handles long distances and extreme angles and recovers the position of the object really fast after losing sight of it.

Integrate CraftAR Augmented Reality
in your mobile apps

Craftar Augmented Reality SDK

Download our Augmented Reality SDK to power your AR experiences in your mobile app. We provide SDK for iOS, Android and cross-platform development with Cordova.

We also make available a plugin for Unity3D to create more complex scenes and interactivity combining it with the CraftAR service.

Craftar Augmented Reality Pro SDK

Why choose between all different SDKs to build and run your Image Recognition and Augmented Reality experiences? Our Pro SDK fuses all our native mobile CraftAR SDKs for increased flexibility in development, while also taking the advantage of the Cloud Image Recognition SDK for very large collections. Choose our all-in-one IR and AR SDK.

“Prynt is changing the way we create and share digital content in the physical world. This wouldn’t be possible without Catchoom’s dedication and ability to develop and deliver custom-made solutions.”


David Zhang, CTO & Co-founder, Prynt


Craftar Augmented Reality—highly robust experiences


High accuracy

with 99% precision and 90% recall

fastest responses


thanks to a 33-50 KB fingerprint per object.


Proprietary technology

with awarded world-wide recognition.


Up to 5 objects

can be detected and tracked simultaneously .

Want to add value to
your customer experience?