Augmented Reality

Build seamless AR experiences on top of real world objects

What can you do with augmented reality?

Augmented Reality transforms the way people interact with everyday objects. Users see objects superimposed onto their real world environments Рso they can try before they buy, and interact with things they see in magazines, ads or packaging.
With Catchoom’s technology, you can even use powerful image recognition as the starting point for AR experiences – so users never have to type to find what they are looking for. They just point, shoot – and let your AR experiences roll.


CraftAR – the easiest AR content creation around with a hassle-free SDK

Customers everywhere in the world count on our technology to create branded, interactive augmented reality experiences. Available in an implementation-ready SDK, CraftAR’s AR technology is flexible, robust and easy to use.
Augmented Reality Creator

Augmented Reality SDK


AR Creator

Fast, drag and drop experiences


Create a branded app in minutes

Image Recognition-powered AR

Cloud-based and scalable

With CraftAR Content Creator – what you craft is exactly what users get. Drag buttons, videos and 3D models right into the Augmented Reality environment and create virtual realities – no developer skills required.

Get creative, focus on usability, fine-tune content – give your augmented reality app the love it deserves! Our SDK is so easy to integrate and use that you can devote more time to creating amazing apps.

Create 1000s of AR experiences that load right from images in your integrated Cloud Image Recognition database. Feel free to update content as often as you like – there’s no need to re-submit your app, ever.