Let Customers Visualize
And Interact With Products in 3D

using our marker-based Augmented Reality solution

60% of shoppers prefer to shop in stores that have AR experiences
40% would pay more if they could use AR to experience a product prior to purchase
55% of customers believe AR and VR influence their buying decision in a positive manner

Bring Products To Life
with Catchoom’s Augmented Reality Solution

Create unique experiences by letting consumers scan products or print materials and superimpose product models or any other 3D experiences to them. From strengthening brand recognition to letting consumers visualize your products without moving from home, the benefits of our Augmented Reality Solution are countless!

Augmented Reality Solution

Benefits of Augmented Reality


Immersive experiences

Our on-point AR detection and tracking functionalities enable truly immersive experiences to wow consumers.


Brand differentiation

Differentiate your brand or products using AR, and let customers see how products would look like with 3D models.


Gamification strategies

Add a fun touch to your product marketing experiences enabling AR interactions that will lead to higher engagement.

Case Study

Prynt wanted to provide a unique experience to those using their printing device and let them scan the pictures to see interactive versions of the image on top of it.

“Catchoom was very easy to integrate into our app with the help of its APIs that also allow AR content to be directly streamed, which helps us achieve a great mobile experience for our users.”


Josep Ballesté, CEO


Do you want to create
interactive 3D AR experiences?