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Image Recognition Solution


Enable visual search to allow shoppers to easily find items within your catalog and interact with products to increase customer engagement. Our image recognition solution helps retailers and brands deliver interactive experiences.

Let shoppers scan products
and lead them to valuable digital content

image recognition solution
craftar image recognition solution

As easy as taking a photo with your phone

Works great with images (2D) and real products (3D)

No need to print any special graphic markers or QR codes

Blend the digital and physical worlds by connecting your products to…

video image recognition solution


reviews image recognition

Reviews & info

purchase page image recognition solution

Purchase pages

voucher promotion image recognition

Promotions & games

Outstanding features to manage and monitor your digital experiences


We help you easily connect your catalog, straight from your backend or with our Content Management System.

Testing Tools

Test your experiences with our free demo app and optimize your performance even before you go into production.


We provide analytics to track how people interact with your content and how this increases conversion in your website.

Use our image recognition solution
in your branded mobile and web apps

cloud image recognition SDK

Power awe-inspiring visual search experiences without overloading your app thanks to our lightweight cloud image recognition SDK. Enjoy top speed and accuracy, even with collections having millions of images.

on-device image recognition sdk

Allow image recognition to run fast even when connected to weak networks or not connected to a network at all!
Our on-device image recognition SDK is hybrid, and is able to sync with the cloud to get updates.

Web-Based Image Recognition

You don’t have an app? No problem! You can now enable image recognition directly in the browser with our Javascript Library HTML5 that enables web-based image recognition—without users needing to download a native app!

javascript-html5 image recognition library

“The agency who helped us develop our iOS app tried all the available image recognition solutions on the market. Catchoom did the best job in terms of quality and price.”


Daniel Setzermann, Marketing Director

Most robust image recognition solution


98% accuracy rates

20% higher than the 2nd best IR solution.

fastest responses

Fastest responses

thanks to our global server architecture.


Proprietary IR technology

with awarded world-wide recognition.


99’99% uptime

under 30 min downtime in over 6 months.

Want to add value to
your customer experience?