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The Sake Dilemma


Language barriers are often a problem for non-Japanese sake drinkers, as bottles are usually only labelled with Kanji symbols, making it difficult to the rest of the world to learn more about a specific product.
Plus, sake has so many varieties, hence customers are easily confused when trying to decide which bottle to purchase and end up picking one randomly because of their lack of understanding.

Discovering Product Choices


Mawson Management saw that such misunderstandings hindered consumer buying behavior and took it as an opportunity to come up with a solution for the British sake market. Their challenge was to bridge the gap between British and Japanese cultures and provide English information on over 1800 brewers and types of sake, while avoiding the costs of re-labelling all the packaging to the English language.

The Solution


Using Catchoom’s award-winning Image Recognition technology, Mawson created a mobile app that provides all the relevant information in an easy-to-use format.
This solution allows sake drinkers to learn more about the products by scanning a label, record their experiences, and gain insight from other users with reviews and suggestions. Now, international customers can fully experience the spirit of sake anytime, anywhere.