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Image Recognition for Print


Image recognition tech can turn static print ads into an interactive shopping experience, through branded apps such as G-Live, by Glamour.
The only thing users need to do is point their phone cameras at the target printed reference, press the button scan and they will automatically be redirected to a relevant piece of online content, whatever its nature.

The Challenge


Condé Nast Digital Spain wanted to create a unique experience for their readers, while helping their advertisers better monetize their ads and bringing an added value to the traditional reading experience.
This was a valuable approach for the company, that owns several magazines around the world, such as Glamour in Spain.

The Solution


Powered by Catchoom’s super fast and super accurate image scanning technology, the G-Live app enabled Condé Nast to automatically lead readers to inspiring videos or online product pages after scanning apparel they liked from the magazine. It also created scan-to-shop experiences, letting readers purchase the items they fell in love with by just scanning them.