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What Is Headhunt!


Headhunt! is an interactive museum experience. It encourages kids visiting the National Portrait Gallery, Australia, to take the lead and look closely at the artwork, delving into the artistic elements and the stories behind the people in the portraits. As traditional museums start their transformations, this particular gallery was hoping to create an immersive experience that would help visitors become more engaged during the gallery tour.

The Challenge


The challenge was how to engage the most
demanding visitors: kids.
It is a struggle to capture a youngster’s attention – let alone if they have been raised in a digital-first society. When it comes to physical, inanimate objects, children often get bored. For this reason, the National Portrait Gallery decided to take a different approach and developed an app that managed to engage these kids and make the most of their visit.

Catchoom’s Solution


Headhunt! uses our Cloud-based Image Recognition technology, which allows the kids to take pictures of the portraits in the gallery with an iPad to recognize the National Portrait Gallery artworks. Then, kids are instantly granted access to delightful, interactive learning experiences, such as videos, stories, etc. This turns their museum visit into a fun game that they’ll never forget.
Plus, the element of ‘magic’ always delights the kids!