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The Healthcare Experience


FOTOFarma is a medication scanning app for mobile devices created by Almirall, an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Barcelona and operating in 70 different countries.


Almirall analyzed how society interacts with products nowadays and thought they could bring an added value by reassuring patients with a unique, real-time solution that’s very different from conventional product brochures.

Better Info Despite Restrictions


Almirall wanted to provide additional details about their products to patients but had limited opportunities in terms of materials, due to legal restrictions. Medication packagings need to follow very strict guidelines, that’s why modifying them was not the way to go.


In order to be able to provide more information via the packaging without modifying it, and at the same time still adhere to regulatory requirements, they had to come up with a different strategy.

Scanning Medical Products


Almirall then discovered Catchoom’s Image Recognition solution and found it a great tool for the experiences they wanted to create with FOTOFarma app.


The medication scanning app allows users to interact with medical product packaging in the most natural way possible. Patients only need to take a picture of the products to instantly access additional information such as patient advice, educational videos, instructions, a digital booklet and other tools.