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Street Artists Finally Get Recognition… Literally


Street art has become part of our urban environment. Still, most of the time, people never learn the story behind artworks. As opposed to a gallery, you cannot simply walk up to the wall and check the label featuring the artist, date and interpretation. Now, thanks to TAGR, artists are getting the recognition they deserve.

Helping People Discover and Support Art


The aim was to create a worldwide “public gallery” for street art and build a community around it. This would not only give prominence to artists who otherwise rarely get enough exposure, but would also bring closer their community to the society using an innovative and appealing solution.

An Amazing Scannable
Street Art Gallery


By integrating Catchoom’s Image Recognition technology into the mobile app, TAGR allows users to scan a piece of artwork, such as a mural or painting, with their mobile phone. This unlocks information about the artist, a wall chronology, interactive maps… and even merchandise featuring artwork to support the creators.