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Measuring Appearances on TV


In the world of marketing and advertising, tracking and measuring a brand’s exposure is key, but depending on the platform, it can be challenging.


Due to the massive amount of data and nature of video content, there was no efficient, automatized solution for real-time media measurement for broadcast and cable TV content.

Enterprise Image Recognition


Combining image recognition, logo- and spoken word detection technologies, iQ Media’s innovative searchable TV platform can monitor not only the brand name and keyword mentions, but also visual appearances on earned and paid TV in real time. This helps brands have a better overall view of the impact of their campaigns in real time, while reducing the workload of analyzing brand presence for marketers.

Justifying ROI in Media


Using Catchoom’s technology with maximum speed and reliability, iQ Media’s platform can detect visual appearances in over 22 million hours of TV content across 210 Designated Market Areas. iQ Media’s case shows that image recognition not only works on static image files, but can be engineered for implementation in TV and video content as well, powering extremely useful applications in very different industries.